Yoghurt project


The Yogurt Project was the first project under SYPO, originally founded in 2003. With younger projects we stay close to the philosophy of the yoghurt project: we rely on the inherent strength of the local population, and on the structural effect of commercial growth.

In the project, SYPO monitors what happens with donated money and helps with potential improvements, but the daily management is entirely in the hands of Ugandans. We believe that raising orphans in as normal a family situation as possible is very important. The cows are of Fresian (for milk) and Ugandan (for disease resistance) breed, and are born and bred in Uganda. The women all get a course in cow farming, and are required to build a good stable. Together, the women have set up a cooperative in order to buy more efficient medication and veterinarian care.

The factory now operates completely independently. Packages of yogurt are sold every day by several employees throughout the district. Since 2008 the factory has run independently, and at a profit. This profit is spent in various projects of Pat the Child which themselves do not generate structural income. In this way, one project supports other projects. We consider it important that the factory competes in a fair way with other factories in the area. The financing of the project (and other projects SYPO) is designed so that if it were a purely commercial venture, it would still be a healthy company. In this way we prevent that other factories go bankrupt just because the Pat the Child factory was established with a grant from the Netherlands and can therefore produce at lower costs.